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Thursday, 25 February 2021

A new complication of Covid-19 revealed

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A new complication of Covid-19 revealed
A new complication of Covid-19 revealed
Brain inflammation is a real danger

Lost to covid?

"*19./// today is world encephalitis day... the medical name for inflammation of the brain.

In addition to drawing attention to the condition... experts at mayo clinic say getting a covid?

"*19 vaccine is another way to prevent getting it.

Kimt news three's anthony monzon is live in downtown rochester with more... anthony?

Well katie and george... i'm here on second street downtown... but hundreds of feet above me mayo clinic is lighting up the plummer building red to commemorate world encephalitis day.

Experts say the condition is serious... associated with high mortality.

And now mayo clinic is warning those who contract covid?

"*19 are at risk for developing encephalitis and other neurological complications.

Mayo clinic says encephalitis appears to be a relatively rare coronavirus complication... but it has been reported in patients.

Doctor sebastian lopez says early diagnosis is key... particularly becaused treatment can vary depending on its root cause.

"some patients do not have encephalitis from an underlying infection, but rather, they have encephalitis from an immune?

"* mediated reaction.

Therefor, diagnosing the patient with the right cause of their encephalitis is important, because the treatments, the targeted treatments are different."

And experts say the best way to avoid developing neurologic complications from covid?


Including encephalitis... is to not get the virus in the first place by getting a vaccine.

Live in rochester... anthony monzon... kimt news thanks, anthony.

The encephalitis society says the condition affects nearly 500?

"*thousand people across te world


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