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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Iowa Senate bill criticized by voting rights advocates

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Iowa Senate bill criticized by voting rights advocates
Iowa Senate bill criticized by voting rights advocates
Republican bill could limit voting options

Thousand dollars./// last year's election had many questioning the process of how we cast our ballots.

Now republican lawmakers in iowa want to make changes ?

"* with a bill some are calling controversial.

Kimt news 3's nick kruszalnicki has a look at this bill.

He joins us live.


George and katie ?

"* republican house members want to see election laws tightened in the hawkeye state.

Here's what they're proposing.


"*f 590 would shorten the amount of time you could vote early or cast a mail?

"*in ballot, from 8 days, to 19 days.

If it passes ?

"* county auditors would not e allowed to send voters a form asking if they'd like an absentee ballot.

Instead registered voters would have to contact the county and ask.

Limits would also be placed on the number of ballot collection boxes.

Earlier today ?

"* a public meeting was held by the house state government committee.

Scores of folks came to the capitol to voice their if we do not maintain the integrity of our elections, we don't have anything.

So i can speak in support of this bill because that's what you folks are trying to do here.

Let us not restrict democracy, but allow democracy to simply exist and this bill does not do that.

In her newsletter, state representative sharon steckman said the bill would make it harder for iowans to vote ?

"* e are disabled and the elderly.

Live in mason thanks nick.

The iowa senate has a similar bill in the works ?

"* the bills could make it


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