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Monday, 8 March 2021

Assemblyman Gallagher talks social media freedoms

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Assemblyman Gallagher talks social media freedoms
Assemblyman Gallagher talks social media freedoms

State Assemblyman James Gallagher explains his goals with a new bill to apply the First Amendment protections to social media

New at 5-- state assemblyman james gallagher announced a bill today that would apply first amendment free speech rights to social media platforms. thanks for joining us assemblyman.

To clarify - these are private companies -- do you feel like the government really needs to take a bigger role in mandating what they?*do you believe there are dangers tied to social media in general..

Especially regarding the spread of false information... and should the government get involved with mitigating those dangers?*how could we monitor and control the behaviors of a platform that serves californian..

But other states and countries as well?* since social media has such a large role in shaping the national conversation..

What do you think about regulating social media the way we regulate other forms of media... today, state assemblyman james gallagher's (r- yuba city), along with coauthor kevin kiley (r- rocklin), announced ab 1114, which would define social media platforms as "public forums'', essentially applying the first amendment protections to social media platforms. ab 1114 would prevent social media platforms such as facebook, youtube or twitter from removing or manipulating any content unless it was unprotected speech under the first amendment.

Platforms would still be able to remove content such as pornography, incitements to violence or obscenities.

Gallagher said, "social media platforms are today's version of a public square.

User's speech on these platforms should be protected under the first amendment just like it would if they were speaking in a public space.

Canceling people and views, in addition to being orwellian, is contributing to further polarization in our politics today" thanks for joining us assemblyman.

And of course -- this all applies to platforms not platform operated by a local, state, or federal entity.

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