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Friday, 5 March 2021

Lee County sheriff identities victim and suspect in fatal stabbing

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Lee County sheriff identities victim and suspect in fatal stabbing
Lee County sheriff identities victim and suspect in fatal stabbing

The Lee County sheriff released the identities of the victim and the suspect involved in a fatal stabbing.

One man is dead and another is in jail charged with stabbing him to death on saltillo sunday afternoon.

Wtva's wayne hereford joins us live from the lee county sheriff's office where the sheriff explained what happened.

I am here at the lee county sheriff's loffice where sheriff jim johnson said that 54-year-old maurice agnew of baldwyn killed 55-year-old randall crowley of saltillo over what he says was an argument over some property inside of a vehicle .

In our community."

"there was some type of altercation that took place away from where we found the victim.

It was just a short distance a few yards away from where the victim was at was where the altercation took place."

The sheriff says it all started with a conversation at a house on county road 2204.

Sheriff jim johnson said maurice agnew became violent.

''the victim went to that particular residence to have a conversation with our suspect .

The incident took place.and at some point and time during that altercation our victim was stabbed multiple times which resulted in a fatal stabbing."

(coroner) "killed in the incident was 54-year-old thelbert randall crowley .

He did have multiple stab wounds and will be going to pearl for an autopsy."

Meanwhile, sheriff johnson is particularly upset about agnew in this case because he says was convicted of aggravated assault in 2018 but only served two years of a 20-year sentence behind bars.... "we're ta;lking about an aggravated assault where a man's throat was cut and the man only spent two years of a twenty-year sentence.

And if that's what the general public wants then continue supporting criminal justice reform and that's what you're going to have in our community."

The sheriff says that agnew is on probation and the mississippi department of corrections knows about his arrest.

He remains in jail on a one million dollar bond and he faces a manslaughter charge.

Reporting live in tupelo wayne hereford wtva nine news.

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