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Monday, 1 March 2021

Climate Change

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Climate Change
Climate Change
Climate Change

Is 812-232-3801 some scientists believe climate change is a serious problem facing our society.

News 10's hannah follman spoke with one local environmental scientist who is sharing his thoughts on this sistuations.

//////// kevin... there's an entire field dedicated to studying people's views on climate change.

I spoke to one of those researchers today.

He says his research shows generally... peoples' attitudes have shifted over the years.

[take pkg outcue: we'll get there duration:1:03] many scientists believe climate change is an ongoing problem our world is facing.

If changes don't happen soon, some believe it will have major impacts on future generations.

"we need to take action now " matthew houser, an environmental sociologist and assistant research scientist at indiana university studies peoples' behavior and attitudes toward climate change.

His goal is to help encourage supportive attitudes about and ultaimately action toward addressing climate change.

"ive got young children and i want a better world for them and i am not ok with the perspective of the next generation will take care of this because i do not think that is fair to them and frankly we do not have that time."

Based on research he has done over the years, houser found that more people are seeing climate change as a real problem than in the past.

But houser hopes to encourage people to take part in the conversation.

"there is plenty of opportunity to change our worldwe simply cant gie up there is still potential to address these issues -- be a source of change we will get there."

To help stop climate change, houser reccomends limiting car and air travel, taking more time to walk to places, and


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