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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Traveling out of state to get a COVID vaccine

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Traveling out of state to get a COVID vaccine
Traveling out of state to get a COVID vaccine

People are traveling across state lines to receive a COVID vaccine.

These people are known as vaccine tourists.

- people are traveling acorss - state lines to receive a covid- vaccination.

These people are - now known as vaccine tourists.- to get vaccinated with the- mississippi state - department of health you must b- a resident of this state, - however to get vaccinated with- singing river health system - there is no residential - requirement.- some singing river patients - travel to mississippi for - heart treatments and other care- patients from louisiana, alabam- - and traveling construction- workers may find it difficult - getting a vaccine - in their home state, so they ge- their shots here.

- - alison cooley, vacination - hotline - worker: - "each state has a different fluctuation with how busy they- are with going through- the health department, i feel - like it's a little easier to ge- an appointment through- us because that can be very - fustrating because there are so- - - - many people going through the - health department, and for some- place they're already coming- here- cause they see a doctor here- anyway, so they rather come - through our system to - get theirs."

Each state is encouraged to - vaccinate their


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