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Friday, 26 February 2021

Thaw creating flooding concerns?

Credit: KIMT
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Thaw creating flooding concerns?
Thaw creating flooding concerns?
Checking in with Emergency Management

To middle 30s.

It is happening fast.

We went from arctic blast to sunsplashed thaw in short order.

The rapid warmup is causing flooding concerns.

Kimt news 3's alex jirgens joins us live in mason city with a look at the big thaw?

"* alex?xxx amy ?

"* the melting snow is a welcome sight.

That melting, though, has caused spring flooding in years past.

I spoke with cerro gordo emergency management coordinator steve o'neill.

Short term ?

"* he's only lookig at some minor puddles in spots.

Long term ?

"* because of the low river levels and that our area in particular avoided much of the drought before the winter ?

"* he says cerro gordo county is looking to escape any large flood potential.

However ?

"* there is a warning that it could change on a <"we get some snow storms in march, which has happened, or april, or we get a quick thaw and get heavy rains, that could change things, and we could have it end up.

As it's trending right now, we are actually looking very good."

As we are gradually moving towards those warmer temperatures ?

"* o'neil and other emergency managers are meeting with the national weather service regularly about the flooding situation.

Live in mason city ?

"* alex jirgens ?

"* kimt thanks alex.

This evening, the winnebago river in mason city ?

"* is at 3 point 3 feet.

That is well below

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