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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Dump truck overturns on car in Huntsville

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Dump truck overturns on car in Huntsville
Dump truck overturns on car in Huntsville
Dump truck overturns on car in Huntsville

Driving conditions remain.

And a miracle on the roads.

A dump-truck -- overturned on a car.

2 people -- lucky to be alive.

That's where we begin this afternoon.

Thanks for joining us -- i'm dan shaffer.

And i'm najahe sherman.

We want to give you another look at this scary scene.

It happened this morning at the intersectin of u-s 72 and moores mill road.

We've circled the crushed truck there.

You can see it -- being crushed by the dump truck.

Let's check in with waay 31's olivia schueller now.

She's live after spending the day talking to the victim's wife and learning more about the bizarre crash.

Dan and najahe, the victims wife was very emotional and unable to talk on camera.

While holdingback tears, she told me her husband is ok and is getting treated at huntsville hospital.

Right behind me here at this intersection is where the crash occurred.

It's unbelievable is what the crash survivors wife told me.

Two nurses called her this morning and said that her husband was involved in an accident.

His wife said he was able to get out of the vehicle on his own and that two nurses driving by, rushed to his side.

The victim was able to tell the nurses his wifes cellphone number so that they could contact her.

The victims wife said she was told by officers that her husband was waiting at a red light, when a dump truck attempted to make a turn.

The dump truck made the turn and caught the pickup truck underneath.

After the accident, donald was brought by e-m-s to huntsville hospital where he is receieving care.

At this time, we're unaware of his injuries.

The dump truck driver was also brought to the hospital, at this time we're unaware of his injuries.

We do know that both men are alive.

The crash happened around just before 11-am.

When i spoke to the victims wife, she said she had been here since the morning with her teenage son..waiting to collect some of the belongings from her husbands truck.

We will continue to update you as new information becomes available.

Reporting live in huntsville.oliv ia schuelelr waay 31 news


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