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Monday, 1 March 2021

Supermarket Employee Appreciation pkg

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Supermarket Employee Appreciation pkg
Supermarket Employee Appreciation pkg
Supermarket Employee Appreciation pkg

C1 3 even traditionally undervalued jobs can be essential.

I'm talking about the grocery store workers who have kept us supplied during the pandemic.

The governor has declared february 22nd supermarket employee day in kentucky to recognize their hard work.

Abc 36's bobbi mcswine visited critchfield meats where one employee tells her she's grateful for the honor.

####### bobbi: "it may be supermarket employee appreciation day here in kentucky, but here at critchfield meats, cashier holly meeks says she feels the love all year around."

Holly: "how are you today?

Customer: i'm good.

How are you?

Holly: good!"

Holly meeks: "the first thing you need to see is somebody smiling."

That warm greeting and friendly face is one of the many reasons meeks says customers appreciate her on a daily basis.

Holly meeks: "i get a lot of people that look for me because i'm willing to help them, always answer their questions and just take good care of them."

She's a bit harder to share that smile behind a mask...but customers can tell she's happy to see them.

Holly: "thank you.

Have a good day."

Meeks says she knows shoppers are thankful for all the staffers...from those making the highly acclaimed lexington-famous fried those stocking the shelves.

She says they were very grateful when critchfield starting selling toilet paper...a rare commodity at the start of the pandemic.

Holly meeks: "that's something usually they don't ask me for - tomakawk steaks, filet mignon maybe - but, 'hey you got toilet paper?'

- but we did and it really made people happy.

They were like 'critchfeild's always finds a way to take care of the customer.'" assistant manager jacob moore says neither he...nor anyone else...even knew it was supermarket employee appreciation day monday...and now plans to give free lunches to all workers.

Jacob moore: "the community has really been behind us the entire time, so it's not a whole lot different from what we've experienced so far, but it's really nice to put a name on it and have a day for it."

He says he hopes his employees know they're appreciated every day.

Holly meeks: "the critchfield family, all of the managers, they're really wonderful.

I don't just say that - i know i'm an employee, i know its like, 'yeah you gotta say that' - i don't have to say that.

They really are."

Something meeks is thankful for, herself.

In lexington...bobbi 36 news.

####### a new indoor football team is coming to louisville.


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