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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Remington owner in Ilion

Credit: WKTV
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Remington owner in Ilion
Remington owner in Ilion
Remington owner in Ilion

The ilion plant today.

Rimonitalia h newschannel 2 about gun production in ilion, hammering out a collective bargaining agreement with the unionandhow k workers.

Here's newschannel 2's joleen ferris.

Stand up .

None remington arms new owners aren't here for the sunshine and warmth.

They're here for the workforce, and they hope to be as close to that march 1st goal as possible, in ters of when they plan to start making guns here" the managing partner for rem arms, the legal name for the ilion plant, was at the plant today, getting the lay of the land.

14:26:18 "i guess i would have to say evaluating.

We're bringing up a lot of equipment from huntsville so we're trying to figure out the floor plan, exactly where everything goes" the original plan of resuming gun production here march 1st might still happen.

If not, it should be close 14:27:10 "we're still hoping to open as close to the first as we can.

We ran into a little hiccup a little thing with the cba and the union.

Hopefully we can get that resolved in the next week and if we can, we might still be able to make that march 1st date" italia is confident the company and the united mine workers of america, which represents remington workers, will reach a collective bargaining agreement 14:28:33 "nothing's been signed adate bui don't think what we're lookingfe possibilities and i think some reassurances that they're looking for, i think we can grant so i think we're closeenot there" once production starts, this is what it will look like and how it will grow 14:29:35 "we're gonna start line by line so we feel that need200 pn demand right now" 14:29:49 "once that's running 100%, then we would start another line.

Just to givev you hint, that woulde the 700line" e nths, maybe inta year,we're proo the hundreds of out of work remington employees.

Jf, nc2.

> italia doesn't plan to be a stranger; he

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