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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Arbor Day 5K Walk, Run, and Roll

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Arbor Day 5K Walk, Run, and Roll
Arbor Day 5K Walk, Run, and Roll

On Saturday, Disability Connection and the Gulf Coast Running Club held their 33rd Arbor Day 5K Walk, Run, and Roll encouraging people with disabilities to enjoy the event.

Open on march 20th- - on saturday disability- connection and the gulf coast - running club held their 33rd- arbor day 5k walk, run, and - roll encouraging people with- disabilities to - enjoy the run.- news 25s janae jordan has the - story.- - residence in the city of biloxi- walked ran and rolled through - the streets in celebration of - the 33rd arbor day 5k.

This - event is a way for those with - disablities to still get active- and have some fun whiile doing- it.

Janie o'keefe executive - director of disabality- connections wants those with- disbailities to have the same - - - - opportunities as others.- janie o'keefe - executive - director of disability- connections - "even if somebody has a physica or intellictual disability does- - - - not mean they dont have the sam- dreams and desires as everyone- of us" ansleys angels of america helpe- out in the race making sure - everyone with a diasability was- paired up so- they could participate in the - race.

- beth victoriano- ambassador for- ainsley's angeles of maerica- "we provide an adaptive wheelchair and legs for someone- who runs so that- everybody can be included" janae jordan- "disability connections gave people the second option due to- the pandemic, they- were allowed to still register- for the event but they could- participate from any- - - - location" janie o'keefe- executive- director of disbaility- connections - "we have one hundred people particpating remotely from thei- schools and they will - have the t-shirt,the medal, the- are going to do the same event- their just not coming - to the crowded event due to - - - - sfaety precausion" emmy and loxly lawrence particapted in - the arbor day - run, both winning trophies in - their age group but the - girls say this is not their - first big win.- emmy and loxly lawrence-- partipants in the race- "i have won like two first plac and two second , well i like to- run alot too and i won- like two trophies" - - - disability connections goal wit- the arbor day 5k is - to strengthen south mississippi- - - - by developing programs, more- events, and resource materials- that will support a - healthier community for everyon- including - individuals with disabilities.- in biloxi janae jordan news 25- - - -


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