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Friday, 26 February 2021

Grant Me Hope: 16-year-old Erika hopes to get adopted

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Grant Me Hope: 16-year-old Erika hopes to get adopted
Grant Me Hope: 16-year-old Erika hopes to get adopted

On Monday’s here at News 25 we feature a Mississippi child hoping to get adopted.

Today we meet 16-year- old Erika who likes doing hair and making others feel that they’re cared about.

- on mondays here at news 25 we - feature a mississippi child - hoping to get adopted.- today we meet 16 year old erika- who likes doing hair and making- others feel that they're cared- about.- take a look.- no l3 needed- - - - hi my name's erika, i'm in 10th- grade, i'm- 16 years old and i love to ride- horses.

I like to ride horses - because they're my favorite - animals and because i was raise- up riding them.

Coco, she was 1- when she passed.- she was my very first horse tha- i ever had so i miss her dearly- - - but i know she's somewhere wher- she can ride freely.- 00:34:00- on canvas i paint different - color backgrounds and then in - black i'll paint like - - - names and words.

I painted one- painting that stated "shine - bright", and that - - - - painting really meant something- to me.

It meant that anything - that comes your way - just shine bright over it.

I se- myself as someone who shines- bright.

- - - - 01:01:00- adoption in the past meant that- they were trying to take me awa- from my family.

Now - that i am old enough where i ca- understand the real meaning of- adoption, i - - - appreciate it more.

For - instance, a family that is- taking and willing to take in a- child that- needs love, hope, and - formability.

I'm hopeful for a- family that will take care of m- and - love me.- - - - 01:27:00- me personally, i'm a helpful- person, i love to help people.- sometimes i like to - raise other kids like they're m- own but i know sometimes you- have to back down - from there.

- - - 01:40:00- i've learned that you have- trials and tribulations, and- that the strongest thing- - may tear you down, but god neve- puts anything your way that's - supposed to - tear you down.- - - if you're interested in adoptin- erika, you can visit the- mississippi department of child- protection services website - at m-d-c-p-s dot m-s dot gov an- click on the mississippi heart- gallery for more information.

- you can also call the foster an- - - - adoption information hotline at- 1 - 800


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