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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

National FFA Week

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National FFA Week
National FFA Week
National FFA Week


For today's indiana farm report, i spoke to two ffa state leaders about (why ffa is important and what their organization stands for.

Indiana ffa state northern region vice president, blayne (van-dah-veer) vandeveer, says this week is about celebrating ffa.

As well as educating others about the organization and the education behind agriculture.

(van-dah-veer) says there are 212 ffa chapters in the state of indiana.

Part of his job responsibilities for this week is to interact with different ffa chapter throughout the state.

Whether that be in- person, or virtual, due to the pandemic.

"certain chapters will have certain events throughout the week in order to educate maybe the schools that those chapters are housed in or maybe they go and do community outreach."

Indiana ffa state president, julia hamblen, says the organization is about preer leadership.

As well as, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

Hamblen says while ffa is centered around the agriculture industry, the goal is to get members prepared for their furture.

"there's something i truly believe for everyone.

Whether you're directly involved with agriculture or not.

You can do a lot of pretty amazing things to prepare for your future in the ffa."

Hamblen says the ffa state theme this year is "embrace."

And that's excatly what they plan to do is embrace the experience.

National ffa week ends on saturday the 27th.

Indiana farm report will be back next monday, right here on news 18 this morning hundreds of people are counting

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