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Thursday, 4 March 2021

school live 2.22.21

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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school live 2.22.21
school live 2.22.21
school live 2.22.21

Morning kentucky!

I'm erica bivens and thanks for joining us at a-b-c 36.

#### in our top story... some fayette county students will step foot into the classroom for the first time today, in nearly a year..

Students in kindergarten through 2nd grade, will be learning in- person..

Abc 36's alex king is live outside julius marks elementary school this morning.

Boxes:1x1 abc 36 studios julius marks elementary location three location four she joins us live with principal jennifer spencer to tell us a little bit more about what the return looks like.

### l3 alexandra:live top story white doors open a little after seven this morning so parents are probably getting ready to head out the door to head here... it's something that a lot of people were getting excited for or dreading.

I'm here with principal jennifer spencer... l3:live top story white k-2 return to the classroom fayette county l3:live top story white jennifer spencer principal, julius marks elementary -new changes/protocols to keep kids safe -anything pertinent to drop/off and pick-up info -the main thing she wants parents to keep in mind today thank you reporting live in lexington, alex king, abc 36 news.

C1 3 i the word library is the all a little grazing doing you one in the building safely so takes a little longer than we the old building safely and we really do here.

There is the will to the building were all the will sure is a doing for the first is to understand and the virtually is all you know is is 80we caught up with a 2nd grader at the start of the pandemic... who says' she's excited regardless of the changes..

Her mom says kids will have to bring all their school supplies in a giant zip lock bag to prevent community sharing..

The school will also be providing water bottles so kids can safely have a sips of water during the day..

Regardless of the new rules--harper says she's so excited.

Harper: "it's been really hard not being in school and i feel like i's going to be much easier to do my work and stuff because i've been slacking behind on a lot of stuff in my house not at school" on tuesday-- a decision will be made on the possibility of allowing third through fifth graders back the week of march third.

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