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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Vigil Held for Child Murder Victim

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Vigil Held for Child Murder Victim
Vigil Held for Child Murder Victim
8 Month Old Makynslee Sanders Died One Week Ago


This evening -- dozens gathered at delano park in decatur for a candlelight vigil to honor the life of 8- month-old makynslee sanders.

The baby died on monday of blunt force trauma.

Waay 31's max cohan was there this evening and spoke to her family about how they are handling this tragic death.

She was our joy and that was taken from us."

It has only been six days since 8- month-old makynslee sanders' passing.

With the heartbreak still fresh on the familys minds -- they hosted a candel light vigil in decatur sunday night.

Family, friends and strangers gathered by the dozen to help honor the life of makynslee and show their support for the family.

Insert some nats makynslee's grandmother -- nikki nichols -- says the family is overwhelmed by the support of the community...addin g that events like sundays help show the family that people understand what they're going through.

"it occupies our mind but it doesn't change a thing.

We are all hurting, and our lives are forever changed because of this ... we take one day at a time, there is no answer for that."

Nichols says the family still hasn't fully processed what happened.

Still - they are hoping justice is served swiftly.

"we have to relive this if its pushed years down the road or months down the road, we have to relive this if it goes to trial.

We have to look him in his face and hear every detail, and i don' think that is something we want to do after months of learning how to live and then having to relive it, i don't think that's something that's fair."

Max cohan, waay 31 news..."

The man accused of killing makynslee will appear in court march 5th.

Cameron elliott is charged with capital murder and sexual torture in connection to his death.

Court documents state that the child's mother told investigators that elliott took the child for a car ride by himself.

When he came back 10 minutes later -- the document says makynslee was gasping for air and was injured.

He's also facing a drug charge for illegal

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