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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Second Doses of the Moderna Vaccine

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Second Doses of the Moderna Vaccine
Second Doses of the Moderna Vaccine

Josephine County Public Health expects to vaccinate 800 people during the two day mass vaccination event.

Newswatch 12's tyler ridgle reports on a vaccination event that happened earlier today in josephine county.

Tyler says: another mass vaccination event came to the josephine county fairgrounds -- but this time it's for second doses of the moderna vaccine.

Vo: people in phase 1-a and educators were eligible to get vaccinated at the fairgrounds today and will have another opportunity to get a second dose of moderna between 9 a-m and 4 p-m tomorrow.

One local nurse who received her second dose of the moderna vaccine says -- aside from feeling tired -- she has yet to experience any serious side effects from being vaccinated.

Sot: i know it's a personal choice but i think if everyone gets vaccinated then they'll stop the spread of covid and everything can open back up and we can kind of go back to our new normal.

Vo: williams says though some people might be cold while waiting in line for the vaccine -- she says the volunteers at the event are organized and moving as quickly as possible.

Tyler says: josephine county public health says anyone expecting to get a first dose of


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