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Friday, 5 March 2021

Snow Angels for Cade Frey

Credit: WTHI
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Snow Angels for Cade Frey
Snow Angels for Cade Frey
Snow Angels for Cade Frey at Sullivan High-School

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Since it's a little warmer... it's a little safer to get out and play in the snow.

That's what we found several people doing today... and they all had their own unique reasons.

At sullivan high school... people fell into fluffy white snow to make snow angels!

The family of "cade frey" invited the community to make a snow angel in honor of the teen.

Cade died by suicide 2-months ago.

Cade's father says he wants to spread some happiness through these snow angels and get families talking so they don't experience the same loss.

"i'm still trying to bring awareness to some suicide prevention awareness to let people know that things can happen, that our tragedy can hopefully bring some good."

Those who could not make it to the school shared pictures and videos of their snow angels on social media.

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