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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Latest COVID-19 Cases

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Latest COVID-19 Cases
Latest COVID-19 Cases
Latest COVID-19 Cases

Our other big story of the hour.... the coronavirus pandemic.... officials are seeing lower case counts tonight....and although we are not in the clear just yet-- health officials say some counties are seeing the number of cases lowering... officials say this can be from us no longer seeing the effects of those holiday gatherings----to the community building up an immunity.... but despite the efforts--we are still seeing new cases tonight.... our hoosier communities--- reporting more than 80 cases.... vanderburgh county--adds 35 new cases... warrick with 19... sadly---our indiana counties report 4 new deaths... meanwhile--in kentucky---59 new cases.... 33 of those new positives are from daviess county... henderson county reports 9.... each daviess and muhlenberg county report one new death tonight.... and--in illinois----6 new cases out of wayne county... while there are 2 in each lawrence and richland.

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