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Friday, 26 February 2021

Shoppers go for groceries after winter storms

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Shoppers go for groceries after winter storms
Shoppers go for groceries after winter storms
February 20, 2021


: people have been stuck inside their homes all week due to the dangerous road conditions.

Now that things are clearing up people are rushing to their local grocery stores.

And for this local store, today has been a rush.

"it made me feel like it was walmart in there."

That's how busy the local grocery store, cash saver is today.

These sheleves were empty on friday.

Now, today after being restocked people are rushing in and out the stores for essentials.

((sot)) "it just depends on the truck and how they deliver and how much they deliver."

Brent larson - co owner of cash saver lucklily, cash saver recived two truck full of supplies.

((sot)) "we got a truck in, delivery of food, meat, produce, and frozen.

People have really come out."

This week along has seen long lines, empty shelves, and a mad dash of shoppers ready to to stock up.

((sot)) "we were able to find everything we were looking for, but it just took a little longer because of the lines."

But, for some shopers the lines are worth it because prevents them from traveling long distances just to find food.

((sot)) "that was like really are last option.

Because we didn't want to go all the way down jackson and walmart is packed out.

So, we just decided to stop here since it's right around from the house."

Cash saver is one of the very few local grocery stores in oxofrd.

During the winter storm they had to close for a day, but today they are up and running and ready to provide for customers.

((sot)) "that's why we opened the doors.

We are here to serve the customers, it's stressful yes, but that's why we are in business."

Tag: for the next few days, stores expect to continue to see the large crowds.

Reporting in oxford, taylor tucker wtva 9 news on natchez trace parkway..

Workers have cleared several trees that fell this week.

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