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Sunday, 28 February 2021

One person killed in Lafayette fire.

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One person killed in Lafayette fire.
One person killed in Lafayette fire.

A fire in Lafayette has left one person dead.

The fire was at the corner of 7th and Hartford street.

An investigation into the fire is ongoing

A fire that happened this morning that left one person dead inside.

News 18's peter hulett is live from where the fire happened near downtown with more, peter?

Hey there anna, the fire took place at this apartment home on the corner of seventh and hartford this morning.

While the investigation is ongoing i was able to speak with lt.

Payne of the lafayette police department and he filled me in on some key details.

Police recieved a 911 call early this morning with the caller saying they could smell smoke coming from the building.

Smoke could be seen pouring out of a vent near the roof of the building.

One person was killed in the fire and that body has since been removed from the scene.

Police opened the street corner back up just after 2:30 this afternoon.

Again this is an ongoing investigation and we will update with more information when it becomes available.

For now reporting live in lafayette, peter hulett, news 18.

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