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Friday, 26 February 2021

Cedar Canyon Elementary staff members take pie to the face for a fundraiser

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Cedar Canyon Elementary staff members take pie to the face for a fundraiser
Cedar Canyon Elementary staff members take pie to the face for a fundraiser

A handful of students, eight staff members and a whole lot of whipped cream made for a messy afternoon at Cedar Canyon Elementary.

A fort wayne elementary school capped off its spirit week with several pies to the face.

Fox 55's drew frey explains the fundraiser behind all the sugar.

A handful of students, 8 staff members, and a whole lot of whipped cream... made for a messy afternoon at cedar canyon elementary.

Fourth grader will rauch couldn't think of a better way to end spirit week.rauch: "well this is like one of the greatest moments of my life.

I've never got to do anything like this before in school, so it's just really awesome that i got to pie a teacher in the face for once."some students were more aggressive than othersrauch: "yeah they were just going at the top of their lungs like, 'pie hard,' and i'm like, 'i don't want to kill her.'"so for cedar canyon principal courtney bailey, being on the receiving end was a bit nerve- wracking.bailey: you just never know exactly what you're going to get, but also to just see the joy in their face makes it all well worth it."

Standup: and the reason for all the excitement is cedar canyon alumna mackenzie lynch, now in high school, raising money for the leukemia & lymphoma society.lynch: "i hope the kids see just the importance of getting involved in the community and also the support you receive from the community.

I mean, we have eight teachers here who are willing to get pied by elementary school students to support the campaign."cancer has taken several people close to lynch, and the fight is personal for every staff member as well.

Bailey donned a t-shirt honoring the school's former head custodian tim berdelman, who recently lost his cancer battle.bailey: "this is not just for all the people that we know but for him as well.

He was such a big part of cedar canyon, and we just want to remember him always."tag: cedar canyon along with hickory center elementary have raised over $6,700 towards lynch's $40,000 goal.

In fort wayne, i'm drew frey, fox 55 news.

Pie day at cedar canyon may be over, but lynch's fundraiser is still going.

You can find the link to her page on our website

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