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Friday, 26 February 2021

Butte Co. high school athletes await return as state releases sports return guidelines

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Butte Co. high school athletes await return as state releases sports return guidelines
Butte Co. high school athletes await return as state releases sports return guidelines

Youth sports like Football, Soccer and Basketball can return late February if counties reach a certain requirement.

Players and coaches are hoping more counties can reach the threshold so that soon they can suit up again.

New at 11 - the california public health department released new guidelines for high school sports like football, basketball and soccer to return.

A county must have 14 covid cases per 100,000 or below in order to bring sports back.

But right now, only trinity and plumas county meet the requirements in our area.

Action news now reporter esteban reynoso is live at chico high -- esteban ... you spoke with coaches and players in butte county -- how close are sports like football to returning?

Right now, butte county is just above of that 14 cases per 100,000, but it sets the bar -- and for coaches and players they say it brings them hope that soon -- they can suit up again.

"they're so ready."

"they've been waiting for this for 11 months man.

Honestly, it feels like we won the lottery today, i'm super ecstatic and pumped up, excited.

I was able to let my seventh period know.

Cheers, i'm pretty sure the rest of the building heard."

"honestly it feels pretty good, we haven't been playing for like a minute so, we've been working out a lot, we've been prepared just in case.

We didn't think we were gonna have the season.

It feels good!"

But before these athletes can put the pads on -- there are requirements and guidelines to follow.

"so their components in our reopening plan for youth sports that do require for high contact sports yes, like football, that we have some testing requirements" on top of testing student-athletes constantly, masks must be worn at all times.

"the kids are gonna have to be careful in their personal lives not to be careless, but we are gonna have some testing, and like coach said, the district has given us some protocols, i think we bought into em, and the kids bought into em, and we just need to keep doing them, and we will" still for the players and the coaches -- it's like being in the end zone.

"finally we got some positive news, and we're pumped up and ready to go."

"we can't stop talking about it."

"we're super pumped, we're freshman so we put in the work to see what the competition see if it's gonna be harder, we put in more work, and we got the go.

It feels like deserved."

As far as putting fans in the stands, the state says you can have observers with masks and spaced out for social distance -- but chico unified and coaches plans to meet next week to further discuss what can and cannot happen.

Live in chico, esteban reynoso for action news now.

All of the new guidelines and requirements to play contact youth sports go into effect on february


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