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Friday, 5 March 2021

USM Arbor Day tree giveaway

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USM Arbor Day tree giveaway
USM Arbor Day tree giveaway

Today, in honor of Arbor Day, the University of Southern Mississippi hosted their inaugural sapling drive-thru giveaway.

- today in honor of arbor day the- university of southern- mississippi hosted their- inaugural sapling drive-- thru giveaway.- guests could pick from live oak- cherrybark oak, willow oak- and river birch.- guests were to drive up to gulf- coast research laboratory in- ocean springs, select three - saplings of their choice and- - - - plant them to replenish any los- or damaged trees from the - recent storms the coast has - taken on.

- this time of year, is the - perfect time for replanting,- just- in time for spring.

- - dr. jessie kastler, iterim- director of the - marine education center at usm:- "people like to be around trees but it also increases air - quality, it improves- health from different condition- and largely it's an - environomental issue.

We need - the - trees for their habitiat, they- provide places for animals to - live and water quality once - again."

- - - usm would like to thank the - mississippi forestry- commission and fulgham's- incorporated tree - preservation specialist and - consultants for their help in - making today's arbor day- giveaway a success.

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