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Monday, 1 March 2021

Impact Of COVID Strains Still Unknown

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Impact Of COVID Strains Still Unknown
Impact Of COVID Strains Still Unknown

WAAY 31 is hearing from the state's top health experts to learn more about the new strains of COVID-19 being seen in North Alabama.

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Just over 24 hours ago - the first case of the u-k covid variant was confirmed in north alabama.

A patient in madison is said to have the highly- transmissible mutation.

That's the 8th confirmed case of the variant in alabama.

Scientists say they believe the vaccines we have are effective against the new strains - but it's too early to know for sure.

Waay 31's bridget divers heard from the state's top health expert to learn more about those covid strains.

She joins us live outside huntsville hospital after learning how they're impacting the state tonight.

Bridget... dan, najahe -- doctors have found the u.k. variant in five different counties across alabama, but a lot more people could have one of the variants and not know.

That's because the state of alabama is not doing a lot of testing for them.

They are submitting weekly samples to the c-d-c for variant testing in accordance with what the c-d-c asks for.

State health officer dr. scott harris says health officials do not know if the variants are worse in terms of mortality compared to the original virus.

"so, we really have found these variants in the areas where we have submitted samples for testing.

It's shown up in our four largest metro areas in the state so, undoubtedly it's probably circulating much more than we know about."

Now dr. harris says we all still need to continue preventative measures -- even if you have already gotten the vaccine -- because there are still so many unknowns with this virus and the variants.

Live in huntsville, bridget divers, waay-31 news.

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