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Friday, 26 February 2021

Vaccine Access Opens to Louisiana Teachers

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Vaccine Access Opens to Louisiana Teachers
Vaccine Access Opens to Louisiana Teachers

One teacher in the Lafayette Parish System is excited about the vaccination access ordered by the Governor Jon Bel Edwards

Over 800,000 total vaccine doses have been administrated by louisiana and now governor john bel edwards announced vaccination eligibility will expand to new groups of people starting february 22nd.

Our news 15 patsy douglas has more on the story..

Reporter intro - the covid-19 vaccine will now be eligible for pregnant women, non- emergency medical transportation providers and also k-12 educators and staff sot - i plan on getting mine, um to protect not only ya know my students but also my family at home .."

Vo - julia reed, a teacher and also a mother, she says some educators are still optimistic about getting the vaccine ..

Sot - "i's a lot of teachers that say they will get it, there are some too that have said they do't feel comfortable yet because it has't been out, there nor sure of the long-term effects" vo - reed feels that the vaccine is still a sign of relief during this school year ..

Sot - "with all the extra cleaning trying to reach students at home while reaching students in the class, ya know that has been a really hard one .."vo- doctor lawrence simon with blue cross and blue shield of louisiana says we should't give up the safety protocols until 80% of the population is vaccinated ..sot - "getting schools open is going to be really important for getting society back on again and getting teacher vaccinated, i's going to be great for that"reporter tag - in lafayette patsy douglas news 15 thanks, patsy.

To check out more on who is eligible to get vaccinated during this time, you can find this information on k-l-a-f dot


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