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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Entrepreneurs Enjoy a Cup of Joe for a 6th Year

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Entrepreneurs Enjoy a Cup of Joe for a 6th Year
Entrepreneurs Enjoy a Cup of Joe for a 6th Year

Lura Landis of Lura Landis Photography joins us to disucss Cup of Joe's 6th Anniversary Celebration.

It will be held at the Restoration Natatorium, 117 Francis Streeet, 8:30 A.M., Wednesday February.


Around > welcome back.

The weekly entrepreneur gather something celebrating its six-year anniversary on wednesday.

Cup of joe was started as a way to support new business owners and each week the volunteer-run organization invites two entrepreneurs to share their stories with community members and after the presentation, the group is allowed to ask questions and offer support and tips for success.

During the covid-19 pandemic, the group has continued connecting supporters to programs and resources.

So why was it so important to stay connected over the last year?

Laura landis is joining us now to talk about that and their upcoming six-year anniversary.

Hi, laura.

Hi, jody.

How are you?

I'm grade.

How are you doing?

I'm doing well, thank you.

So this celebration is coming up, and the question is, how have you guys stayed connected and why has that been so important?

Well, you know, we are here to promote our community and entrepreneurship.

So could it have been any more of a struggle for the year 2020 for businesses, small businesses especially.

So we of course know the community needed us and we knowed them for sure, so we did most of our presentations, which we normally did in person, we did live and did facebook live and zoom live and those types of things.

So we had a really great audience, and then we didn't get back together until the fall.

So -- and that was just limited, you know, here and there, social distance and the masks and all that good stuff.

But we wanted to be able to be a positive force for small businesses here in our community.

Well, you've probably been their saving grace just to get together and all of you can kind of connect and maybe complain a little bit about the covid situation but try to brainstorm on how to keep getting people coming in.

On wednesday, you're inviting past presenters to share updates on their businesses and how cup of joe has impacted them personally and professionally.

Tell us when and where that is.

So it used to be at the library.

We're using the restoration church downtown.

It's on fourth street and we are using some of our past presenters, we are using car del enterprise.

Second campbell and matt rob and aaron green.

A 10-minute presentation and an update from each one.

It starts at 8:30, the presentations begin at 9:00.

If you're interested you want to go down to restoration downtown and if you have any questions, call annette weeks or email her.

Laura, thanks for joining us tonight.

Thank you, jody.

We appreciate it.

And i hope everybody comes out.

We will


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