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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Utica area natives battling Texas winter storm

Credit: WKTV
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Utica area natives battling Texas winter storm
Utica area natives battling Texas winter storm

Some local New Yorkers moved to Texas and are currently recovering from a winter storm.

Get awayrom the cold...moved tr followed.

Meteorologist violet scibior shares their experiences.

Standup: .

None "here in new york we're usedto t imagine seeing acene like this down inexas.

Now somlocal : "growing up in new york it's not that bad, but the houses aren't built to keep the heat in.

I've been without water for two days now.

We have heat luckily, so i'm fortunate we have heat and we only lost power for a few minutes.

So we do have heat.

I have coworkers in austin, they've been without electric or water for four or five days now."

Vo: this extreme cold has put athice road, making ihard to goanywhery icy.

We actually just got stuck and had to pull back in.

This is just all thick ice.

And it's super slippery.

And of course we don't have like boots and salt and shovels and stuff down here.

So it's pretty much a new york winter without all of the new york necesities."

Vo: these icy roads have caused numerous accidents and to make matters worse, many traffic lights don't work.

Sot: "i've just been hearing sirens like since monday probably.

The fire department, the ambulance, police.

It's not just accidents, there's also pipes bursting, fire sprinklers bursting, which are causing a lot of flooding.

So it's just been nonstop."

Vo: people's homes were destroyed from bursting pipes.

But the weather warms up next week and hopefully more people will get their water and power restored.

Violet scibior, newschannel 2."

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