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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Crow Nets in Rochester

Credit: KIMT
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Crow Nets in Rochester
Crow Nets in Rochester
Saving us from crow caca

Alfred hitchcock may be looking down on this drama with a smirk.

The birds continue to haunt rochester.

Specifically big, loud, defecating crows.

Kimt news 3's samantha soto joins me live in rochester ?

"* with the city's latest effort in combating the crows.

George ?


"* yesterday the c installed nets on two trees one here on the corner of first ave and third st sw next to half barrel ?

"* and one on first ave sw in front of old city hall... in effort keep the med?

"*city clean and mitigate crow issues downtown.

Rochester has been plagued by pooping crows for years.

The rochester downtown aliance says things have been bad this winter ?

"* with less snowfall, the snow typically washes away the excess crow droppings.

Karli mcelroy with rda, says the crows create a sanitation issue.

"we really just want to see how well this works in the next couple of weeks ?

"* how long it works ?

"* from what i'e heard about crows is they are smart.

And they will usually get used to what you put out there."

Mayo clinic donated the two canopy nets and paid for installation ?

"* saving taxpayer money.

Thank you samantha.

This experiment is a collaborative anti?

"*crow caca effort between the rochester downtown alliance, the city of rochester parks and recreation, and mayo clinic.

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