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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Nursing home visitation to resume in NY

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Nursing home visitation to resume in NY
Nursing home visitation to resume in NY


Andrew Cuomo says the health department is working on guidelines to help resume nursing home visitation.

Be able to visit your loved ones in nursing homes!

No date yet.... but guidance is expeed tocome o.

And the governor says that will be in accordance with thecr medicare and medicaidervicestheh is recommending that visitors take a rapid covid test before entering.

And the state will cover the cost of that.

The governor says there needs to be reform in nursing homes.

He says facilities were only supposed to take patients if they were prepared to handle them.

The governor wants to see more isolation rooms, more ppe and more staff training.

58:26 dr. zucker said today, which he's said to me many times before and there i said to you many times before, covid came into the nursing homes from the staff 58:36 they got it at home, they got it in the grocery store, they went to work and brought in covid 58:42 again, saying covid did not enter nursing homes from his order...that sent covid patients (back( to those facilities.

The governor says he regrets not being more aggressive in taking down misinformation in the news and social media.

He says quote: "no one has the right to spread lies."

33:29 if you're lying to the people of the state of new york, im gonna call it out.

If you are lying in a report, im gonna call it out.

If you're lying in a newspaper, because you have your own partisan agenda, im gonna call it out 33:43 the governor says it's misinformation that causes pain to families who lost a loved one.

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