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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Plans underway for Pascagoula City Centre

Credit: WXXVDT2
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Plans underway for Pascagoula City Centre
Plans underway for Pascagoula City Centre

Plans are underway to convert an old bank building in the heart of downtown Pascagoula into a city centre.

- - plans are underway to convert a- old bank building in- the heart of downtown pascagoul- into a city centre.

- the old hancock bank building - has sat vacant in downtown- pascagoula for quite some time,- but within the next year, it- will- be transformed into a building- that will house 29 apartments - and a rooftop bar.- this is a rendering of what the- city centre will look - like once it is complete.

- this project is one of many - underway in downtown- pascagoula where developers,- business owners - and city leaders are- concentrating their efforts on- attracting more people, - including young professionals,- to live and work in the downtow- area.

- the city centre is expected

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