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Monday, 1 March 2021

YMCA Reset Interview GDK 021921

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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YMCA Reset Interview  GDK 021921
YMCA Reset Interview GDK 021921

Erica is joined on the phone by Nikki Hartley, the Healthy Living Director at YMCA to discuss the six-week reset challenge.

C1 3 principles into practice the program to build healthy spirit mind and body for all of course be a global pandemic i had to find some creative outlet to keep people engaged in the came up with a free six-week reset challenge designed to re- energize the mind-body told you about it the fourth started but we want to check in and out of the how it going hartley the healthy living director at the line joining us by phone this morning.

Thanks for chat with us ... america absolute (up to meet if they haven't been familiarized with a reset challenge.

Tell us more about what it is ... 03 challenge was really in the midst of global pandemic all about building healthy habits back into our daily lives over the course of the like mentione before going to build a stronger your body all day completely free challenge for members hey along with members of our immunity on are currently receiving.

If you each week to help with accountability and share motivation each week.

The why coach that has a different focus on healthy living with he over and goal of completing hundred and minute exercise eac week on the we party focused on the clock to the really refreshing our nutrition, mental health and the importance of mindfulness reconnect with our cell family friend, so we did keep building on the topic but also focus on the play and having went fine, along with reinvest unity.

I love this were watching some videos here is th most challenges that are going on and it really seems like thi is for people of all ages are god valley.

We have parents who started out in and out and inches of snow.

Their kids are like wine and silver lock is leading with the play to really exciting was recently kicked off.

Tell us more about how going so far ... yet the challenge is actually going better than we could ever hope or here in kentucky.

We started with the goal of about but we were over 1300 individuals join a ... we have better sharing how their exercising either a long haul.

While their virtual teaching al the what they're eating and share motivation with others daily group.

The white line something called long-lived accountability group resume and where prohibited from all over the country are connect weekly common goals and interest of each other count accountable on and locally we do check in with our printed each week and we've been hearing that well over 80% of participants are reaching their personal health and well- being go with coming intimate of a global pandemic and now?were thankful that we were able to program in our community.

Fantastic health is that suppor network and homeless ... it's really key.

I know for me personally.

I am more like the two do what i say i'm going to do now that i have someone trekking on me daily on the we learn through the challenge tha your 95 or more like me to reach your goals.

If you have someone helping you along the way that and i'm hearing that we might b doing some of this here is a kentucky crew any tips for us to get involved in the challenge.

Yeah, i would say don't worry excited to have a lot of time that i thought we you very very good.

It's not too hard to work out.

Are you to see how can they get involved to you to join us during the recent challenge by it never too late.

He began incorporating healthy habit into your life.

I'll get the recommended and build it 150 minutes in the weekly eating th rainbow hydrating up with at least 64 ounces of water daily on the amount you announce that our neck communitywide talent will be coming i can with the line the essential kentucky for more detail.

Fantastic was anything we can follow us and see how well we do right.

You have guard is a newsletter chat with us ... today

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