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Monday, 8 March 2021

Food insecurity numbers lowering

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Food insecurity numbers lowering
Food insecurity numbers lowering
Food insecurity numbers lowering

Has been holding their mobile food distributions throughout the whole pandemic,still trying to help those in need they have seen the number of individuals who have food insecurities increase greatly throughout the past year,and the numbers are finally starting to decrease,but these numbers are still thousands more than what it was at the beginning of the pandemic, and second harvest is hoping to change that.

(sot ) "you can take it as, hey it has decreased some with individuals their feet through the pandemic.

But really what they at it is, yes it has came down since time, but we are still basically 10 thousand individuals over that individual number, so we are seeing some of those lasting effects at our mobile distributions" since july first, they have distributed nine point five million pounds of food.

With around four months left in their year cycle, they are already nearing last years cycle total of nine point nine million... and have now upgraded their amount of mobile distributions from twenty-six per month... to forty per month.

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