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Monday, 1 March 2021

Morning Brew: Snowman Contest, Girl Scout Cookie 2/19/2021

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Morning Brew: Snowman Contest, Girl Scout Cookie 2/19/2021
Morning Brew: Snowman Contest, Girl Scout Cookie 2/19/2021

Pulkaski County workers Snowman Contest, National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend and winner Ryan Bentley of Lexington

C1 3 cody adams: it takes longer to learn how to spell jennifer kaczmarek's last name than it does to understand why she's our teacher of the week.

Jennifer kaczma...: k-a-c-z-m-a-r-e-k.

Cody adams: she's taught fifth grade for 18 years.

And every year she's tried to spread the same message, "stay positive."

Jennifer kaczma...: i want them just to feel each and every day good about themself.

I want them to think of things in a positive way at all times, and look for the bright side of things.

So, even though something might not be going their way, which is a lot of times part of life, i want them to see that you can persevere and get through anything that you put your mind to.

Cody adams: that message may be more important now than ever.

Jennifer kaczma...: i tell the kids, "if we knew all the answers and knew all the problems, we wouldn't have to learn."

But education is an ongoing system where you can always learn new things and make yourself better.

And there's lots of different ways to problem solve.

So i tell the kids, "there's not just one right answer.

There's many ways to get to the end that you'll need."

Cody adams: kaczmarek says she doesn't do what she does for the recognition, and she's not going above and beyond in her eyes.

She just wants every child to succeed and know they're special in their own way.

Jennifer kaczma...: each and every day that i get to see them, it makes my day.

Me, but i also want to inspire do in life.

Thn theedicou know a teacher like mrs. kaczmare, nominate them to be our parentwtvq news.

Speaker 3: abc 36 teacher of n lexington.

Welcome back... share positive, upliftiith the snow!

Some folks in pulah the sn the detention center to a snowman contest.

And look what they came up with!

There's a a jail cell...and an e-m-s worker with a patient on a gurney.

They're even wearing masks.

You can vote for the winner.

Find out how on w- t-v-q dot com.

C1 3 it's national girl scout cookie weekend!

That means it'll be easier for you to get your treats.

Local girl scouts will be at kentucky walmarts and krogers... to sell to you..

But you can also grab a buy-one get one deal on grub hub!

That deal is today..

Tomorrow..and sunday only with any food purchase.

People in lexington and northern kentucky...can order between 4 and 7... to get pickup or delivery... all fees are waived to maximize proceeds for girl scouts.

And today's morning brew biggby coffee winner is ryan bentley from right here in lexington.

You are the winner of a biggby coffee mug & bag of coffee!

Viewers can go to the contest page at w-t-v-q dot com and click on the contest tab to take the biggby coffee trivia challenge for chance to win!

Watch for a new winner every friday on good day kentucky!

Now let's get to your g-d-k talkers...


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