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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Frustrations grow amid vaccination rollout

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Frustrations grow amid vaccination rollout
Frustrations grow amid vaccination rollout
Frustrations grow amid vaccination rollout

Continues, frustrations are building for some in the health community, thanks for joining us i'm alan van zandt.

It's no secret by now that the rollout hasn't been as fast as many would like, and now health officials say they're at a disadvantage.

Here's kq2's ron johnson with more.

<<ron johnson reportingthis week alone has come with it's own set of obstacles for health officials in doniphan county.the health department was set to receive 200 doses of the covid-19 vaccine for distribution get it into the arms as quick as possible, so we gambled and we're assured pretty much by our state that we would receive it by the 17th so we went ahead and made appointments but mother nature had other plans we lost the gamble and the vaccines did not come in, it was all weather related thoughharsh winter weather put vaccine distribution plans on ice for the week.though health officials say the process to get people vaccinated has deeper issues than the weather.

They say there's a lot of people to vaccinate and not enough vaccine to go around at one time.

We have a very long list of 65 and older to vaccinate with a limited number of vaccines that we're getting weekly.we have been preparing for mass dispensing of vaccines and or biologicals for almost twenty years.

We're ready to vaccinate thousands of people weekly if we could just get the vaccine in.

They say this puts them at a disadvantage, especially when the vaccine is also available at major retailers like walmart and walgreens.

Something health officials weren't expecting.

We can't seem to get the vaccine whereas pharmaceutical companies are seeming to get the vaccine.

They tell us the distributions of the vaccines are set by the federal government and a quicker pace could make all the difference if we could get a thousand doses in our county 1500 doses we would be done vaccinating i think at this point.

Ron johnson kq2 news doniphan county's vaccination clinic has been rescheduled to the 25th due to the recent winter weather, those who already had appointments for the original date have been moved to new one according to the health department.


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