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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

PKG Franciscan Health Officials: 'Don't put off getting a heart scan'

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PKG Franciscan Health Officials: 'Don't put off getting a heart scan'
PKG Franciscan Health Officials: 'Don't put off getting a heart scan'
Franciscan Health Officials: 'Don't put off getting a heart scan'

And most ethnic groups in the united states.

That's why this american heart month, we're giving (you with knowledge to help prevent it.

One lafayette family has made it their mission to fight the disease.

News 18's micah upshaw joins us in the studio to explain how.


For robin (dev-rays) devreese , it was the death of her father that sparked her family's push to prevent heart issues.

Her father died of congestive heart failure five years ago.

Now every five years she and her siblings get a heart scan.

This year, they found it may have actually saved two of their lives.

R: if all three of us hadn't had it again, we would never have known of the changes we would just -- we would just be going along life normally.

M: robin (dev-rays) devreese is left just (thinkg( of the consequences of not getting a heart scan this year -- rather than actually living through it.

She and her sister, her sister's husband and her brother all got their heart scanned this month.

And the family is grateful for that decision.

R: my results came back with no calcium deposits again and her results showed three calcium deposits as well as a spot on her lung and my brother in law showed two.

M stand up: calcium deposits or calcified plaque can build-up in the arteries around the heart.

The best way to describe it is by comparing it to bacon grease.

When you pour it down the drain -- which would compare to arteries -- most of it gets flushed down.

But some of it can harden and get stuck in the drain -- that would be calcified plaque.

When that happens it prevents water from properly traveling through the drain,or in this case blood traveling through the arteries to the heart.

The heart scan is designed to help detect the plaque early.

R: anybody who has heart history, anywhere in their family it is so important to do this right now.

M: franciscan health is offering these scans for 49-dollars.

The scan is non- invasive and takes around 10 minutes in total.

Mm: it is very important to have it done if you are diabetic, have cholesterol results, high blood pressure or even that family history.

M: meghan mccauley, a health promotions specialist with franciscan health says it's best to start getting the scan at age 40.

She says it's a simple check-up that has truly saved lives.

Mm: the amount of lives that we have saved through this screening programs and all those success stories is outstanding.

What i love about it is getting those patients linked into those services at our hospital so we can stop a cardiac event before it ever happens.

Franciscan health is urging people to get scanned even during the covid-19 pandemic.

You can head to our website to learn more about the importance of the heart scan and how to schedule it.

Reporting in studio, micah upshaw.

News 18.

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