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Friday, 5 March 2021

Heart Health Story 3

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Heart Health Story 3
Heart Health Story 3
Heart Health Story 3

Fight against heart disease.

Right now it's the leading cause of death in men, women and most ethnic groups in the united states.

News 18's micah upshaw joins us in the studio this morning.

Micah tell us more about this family.

Robin (dev-rays) devreese and her siblings have created a tradition to get their heart scanned every five years.

They started it after their father died of congestive heart disease.

Little did they know, this year it may have possibly saved two lives in the family.

(dev-rays) devreese, her sister, her sister's husband and her brother got their first heart scan five years ago.

At the time, one calcified plaque was found in the men while the sisters had no signs of blockage.

Calcified plaque can build-up in arteries and block blood from flowing properly to the heart.

This year's scan was able to detect, three calcified plaques in her sister's arteries and two in her brother-in-law.

(dev-rays) devreese says she can't imagine what could have happened had they not created this heart scan tradition.

The siblings affected have since made appointments to get the treatment they need.

I would strongly recommend that you get your heart scan and get that starting point to know am i safe or do i need to consult a doctor before something happens.

Franciscan health is offering heart scans for $49 dollars.

The scan is non- invasive and takes about 10-minutes in total.

Franciscan health is urging people with a history of heart failure to get scanned -- even during the covid-19 pandemic.

They say the average age to start getting scanned is 40.

You can head to our website to learn more about the importance of the heart scan and how to schedule it.

Reporting in studio, micah upshaw.

News 18.

Governor eric holcomb signed


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