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Monday, 1 March 2021

High School Girls Basketball: Harrison Central vs. Petal

Credit: WXXVDT2
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High School Girls Basketball: Harrison Central vs. Petal
High School Girls Basketball: Harrison Central vs. Petal

After making a Final Four run in last year’s 6A playoffs, the Harrison Central girls basketball team is once again a major threat to make a deep splash in the second season.

Ball.- - after making a final four run,- in last year's 6-a playoffs...- the - harrison central girls- basketball team is once again a- major threat... to make a deep- splash... in the second season.- red rebelettes playing host to- petal... in a game that was - never - really close.

- already up 18-4, late in the- first quarter... and just a - smothering press defense, all - game long... mississippi- - alabama all-star game selection- je-mya evans... swing pass to - janiya smith... and she's locke- and loaded, from that left- wing... - harrison central up, 22-4...- - - - after one.

And the red- rebelettes were far from done..- khyla ragins- setting it up... to shaniya - whavers... to jaslyn davis... - bunny lay-up, for the - sophomore... and this is just - too easy.

- harrison central only giving up- two points, in the- second quarter... scoring way - more than that... - pretty floater by ragins... - she's the engine that drives- this- offense.- and setting it up again...- de-keria walls... to layla- "lay-up" walker...- that makes it 30-6... blowout - city... and one more highlight- for good measure.

- whavers picking up the loose- - - - ball... gets it ahead to- walker... and this is to beat - the buzzer... lay-up good...- right as- the loud horn blows out - everyone's ear drums. - 32-6 at intermission... and it- was more of the same, in- the second half... 79-22- harrison central.


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