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Saturday, 27 February 2021

6AM A Block feb 16th

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6AM A Block feb 16th
6AM A Block feb 16th
6AM A Block feb 16th


### school on alert-- one local high school-- on the lookout-- after reports of people trying to lure kids into cars.

Plus-- homeless eviction-- as police crack down on illegal camps-- one business owner tells us how the homeless are impacting his shop.

And-- almond bloom outlook-- how local farmer's say this year's crop is coming along-- after the recent rain.

6:30 open safety concerns tonight at a high school in butte county... after reports of attempted abductions..

The incidents happened near gridley high..

And involved all female students..

Being approached by a man in a vehicle.

Action news now reporter kristian lopez spoke with school officials... about their concerns.

### "i was in front of the station in the morning and there was a young woman walking to school, a car pulled up to her and rolled down the window and said something and it didnt look right."

This gridley firefighter who did not want to be identified says he witnessed one of these attempts just a few days ago.

"i yelled hey what are you doing?

And he flipped around and threw up his hands and hood and i stopped the girl and asked what did he say to you?

And she said, he said get in the car i'll give you a ride home and i said do you know him?

And she said no.

Rikki-lee berruche: all five incidents have been different vehicles, different people.

"basically the person is trying to get the high school student to get in the vehicle."

School officials sending out this alert to parents saying to be on the lookout: "we've sent information to our schools and parents letting them know about the situation.

Gridley high assistant principal rikki- lee berruche says four incidents took place within the last week and one was back in december.

She says all students have reported the incidents to school and police they have also increased patrols around the campus.

We have additional police presence before school, during lunch and after school.

I just really want to encourage parents to sit down and talk to kids about not getting in the car and take the situation very seriously.

And school officials are asking students who may have had a similar experience to report it to the school and gridley police department.

In gridley kristian lopez action news now coverage you can count on.

Action news now reached to out to gridley police, they couldn't tell us much only saying the as of right now the incidents are quote: "unfounded" - however they are still investigating.

Gridley high school officials say they are beefing up patrols around campus.

Continuing coverage-- another homeless camp cleared out in chico this morning.

This one was at boucher and wisconsin streets right near has beans coffee shop.

Action news now reporter dani masten spoke to the owner who says he's running out of patience.

Having a business and having's awful."

Dani masten william vonk has owned has beans coffee shop for six years now.

He tells action news now the homeless have been causing him problems for weeks william vonk/owner of has beans coffee shop "they climb inside overnight&over the wall.

They do stuff.

I call the cops and they don't always show up but you know they have their hands full so we have private security and they come out and move them along."

Dani masten less than 24 hours ago this area was filled with homeless people but now they have been moved&walk with me and i'll show you where they are now& now they are here which is just feet away from the last location.

Rob berry/lives in chico "the question is what should we do about that.

My answer is, we need to enforce the laws.

Some people may think that is an inhumane thing to do but look around here..does this look humane to you."

(did not want to be identified ) "they should find them a place.

They can't just ask them to go die somewhere or move to where.

They have to have a place."

Vonk?is relieved the homeless moved down the road from his shop but still has his concerns.

William vonk/owner of has beans coffee shop "you have to keep them moving.

You can't have them congregate and if you have them congregate and you give them a hand then they take an arm and that is the problem."

Dani masten i reached out to the city to see if they have plans to move the homless living in this new area known as windchime park.

They tell me they haven't handed out eviction notices yet but could very soon.

Reporting in chico?dani masten, action news now, coverage you can count on.

Action news now also reached out to butte county behavioral health to see if it has plans to help provide the homeless with support, but we've not heard back.

### tonight--butte county confirmed four new coronvirus deaths and 91 new cases.

That brings the total number of deaths to 153.

And more than 10- thousand, 500 cases in all.

14 people are hospitalized..

And about 10- thousand, 200 have now recovered.

### butte college baseball, softball and track-and-field will have a season this spring after the college opted-in to have spring semester sports.

Players will have to undergoing covid-19 testing periodically, and will have to wear their masks at all times, as well as social distant, but coaches say it's the price to pay if they want to play.

We're able to practice in small pods, we have to social distance, we have to wear our masks, we have to make sacrifices, it's not like it used to be.

But that being said, our kids are willing to make those sacrifices for us to be able to be on the field.

Coach ferro says the team is broken up into pods during conditioning to limit spread if a player does get sick.

So far, the season will consist of 28 games and only playing against schools that have also opted- in.

Chico school trustees will tackle the issue of student learning loss ... caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

At tomorrow night's meeting the school board will hear what's being done now to help students, as well as ideas for moving forward.

Chico unified will receive federal funding to help offset learning loss, and state funding may also come through.

The meeting starts at six wednesday night, and will be live- streamed on the district's youtube page.

We have a link at action news now dot com slash links butte county public health says the first doses of the covid 19 vaccine are now available at the cvs pharmacy in gridley as part of the federal retail pharmacy program.

Covid-19 vaccinations at cvs are available by appointment only and are available to those currently eligible to receive the vaccine in butte county, including people 65 and older, and healthcare workers.

Call the number on your screen -- or go to our website and click on newslinks to make that appointment.### shasta county reported 92 new covid-19 cases since thursday-- a five day total..

Shasta now has more than 10- thousand, 800 total cases..

One more woman has died..

She was in her 80's..

The total number of deaths in shasta county is now 171.

14 people are in the hospital tonight ... more than 150 cases are active right now..

And more than 10- thousand, 400 people have recovered.

### if you live in shasta county and need a second dose of the moderna vaccine and you received your first dose on or before january 26 th..

You're invited to a vaccination clinic this saturday, february 20th, at shasta college from 10 a.m.

To 4p.m.

The clinic is walk up, first-come, first-serve.

You must bring your c-d-c card that shows the date of your first vaccine and your i-d.

### united airlines is now the first u.s. airline to offer passengers in- airport coronavirus testing-- but right now it's still unknown when or if that will become available at the redding airport.

Action news now looked at how much those covid tests costs on united's website.

One from san francisco to hawaii-- costs 250- dollars.

People say that while it's important to get tested, the cost of that test might be an issue for them.

I think it's too expensive.

Unless you're vaccinated you shouldn't have to do that // just cause you don't want to spread the virus.

According to united's website, the airlines says it plans to expand testing to other airports and destinations.### here's a look at the numer of local covid-19 cases county by county-- colusa county reported one new death and 17 new cases today.

Modoc county reported 2 new cases... we have more detailed information on our website action news now dot com.### a substantial number of california counties could see fewer restrictions on business operations starting next week.

State officials say coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths continue to fall-- as demand for vaccines far exceeds capacity.

"there are only seven jurisdictions in the world that have administered more doses of the vaccine than the state of california, some 6.3 million doses of the vaccine has now been administered here in the state of california."

By next week, he says a?substantia?

Number of counties are likely to enter the?re?

Tier, which allows indoor dining at 25-percent capacity, and the opening of other indoor spaces such as movie theaters, museums and gyms with limits.

### partly cloudy skies today-- with plenty of sunshine-- this is a timelapse taken today near burney in shasta county.

### but, change is on the way..

Let's check in with chief meteorologist 'jason stiff' for a check of our weather.

### after a mostly clear morning with areas of dense fog, high clouds returned to our afternoon sky.

They'll pass overhead quickly and we'll have a mostly clear and chilly start to wednesday, too.

We'll have increasing clouds wednesday, also, but they'll stay for a while.

A ridge of high pressure brought quieter weather to northern california today, but the breezes have been blowing.

Wednesday will be a chillier and clearer morning with fewer areas of fog.

Lows will range from the 10s and 20s in the mountains to the 30s and 40s in the valley and foothills.

Wednesday will be partly cloudy, breezy and mild by the afternoon with highs ranging from the 40s in the mountains to the 50s and lower 60s in the foothills and valley.

Have you noticed the almonds coming into bloom?

The almond blossom season is highly dependent on rainfall.

Meteorologist bryan ramsey joins us in chico.

Bryan, why do successful almond blooms depend on rain?

Let me get you the short answer, bees and disease.

Now let me give you the long answer.

In our area, almond trees usually bloom around mid- february with the bloom season lasting about a month, usually into mid- march.

Warm and sunny weather are what kickstart the blooms and good weather along with other factors are essential for a good bloom season.

Lee heringer butte county almond farmer "we're coming off of a monster crop last year.

We had one of the best crops we've ever had up here in northern s kind of area wide.

Everyone was blessed wit a good crop which means we're kind of expecting a little lighter crop this year.

The trees tend to take a little bit of a break, but actually the bud set looks pretty good."

As you just heard, this year's blooms are off to a good start.

Good blooms require sunny, warm days with no rain because of bees, which polinate 100% of the trees in an almond orchard.

If there are enough days like this, the bloom should be a success, contributing to a good harvest.

If we have another miracle march this year, the almond bloom's success will all depend on if we get the rain in short spurts or daily over an extended period of time.

Reporting live in chico, i'm meteorologist bryan ramsey, action news now, coverage you can count on.

Another reason rain could be bad for the almond bloom is the chance of developing fungal diseases inside the blossoms. almond blossoms are very prone to get certain diseases in wet weather such as brown rot, shot hole and bacterial spot.

A new addition for the redding eagles!

This is a live look at "liberty"-- as she watches over her nest... coming up-- we'll have more on her exciting news... and-- paintball problem-- how law enforcement is reacting after reports that someone shot paintballs at cars on a local highway..###


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