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Monday, 1 March 2021

Minnesota DAV needs volunteer drivers

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Minnesota DAV needs volunteer drivers
Minnesota DAV needs volunteer drivers

The Minnesota Disabled American Veterans has a transportation service for those who need rides to and from appointments and is in need of more volunteers.

Volunteers./// this week is the national salute to veteran patients week.

It's important to remember those who have served.

To help veterans, the minnesota disabled american veterans has a transportatio n service for those who need a ride to and from an appointment.

Kimt news three's mary peters joins us live from the v?

"* a with the call for more volunteers.


Yeah ?

"* the minnesota d?

"*a* needs more volunteers to get behind the wheel of vans like this one to drive local veterans to and from their appointments.

This program started two years ago to get veterans to medical appointments ?

"* program managr stephanie zeimetz says this can be one of the biggest hurdles.

She says in 20?

"*20 te rochester d?


"*v provided 15 hundred rides and drove over 7 hundred thousand miles.

The organization was able to continue these trips with safety protocols in place.

Xxx it's a rewarding experience to do the drives.

You do get thanks from the veterans and they appreciate the rides up.

They're trips they may not be able to make otherwise.

And it just feels good to be able to help them.

The d?


"*v says are looking for 10 to 12 more drivers, but it will never turn down a volunteer.

Live in rochester... mary peters... kimt news 3./// thanks, mary.

Regular hours are monday through friday 8 a?

"*m to 4 p?

"*m ... but if t is an emergency the d?


"*v try

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