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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Remove ice and snow from cars

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Remove ice and snow from cars
Remove ice and snow from cars
Remove ice and snow from cars

We've been stressing the importance of driving slowly after storms... but we also need to stress moving slowly before you even get in your car.


Boxes:1x1 abc 36 studio lexington location three location four abc 36's chelsea smith is live in lexington to explain.

L3 chelsea:live white snow is currently falling this in lexington... meaning you'll have to clean your cars off again!

But really it's not what's falling tonight that's the big issue... people still have layers of ice on their from the previous ice storms... and when you pick up speed on a highway like i-75... that becomes extremely dangerous for other drivers ### "property can be fixed, people can't."

Chunks of ice and snow are flying off of people's cars creating major travel hazards for other drivers on the road jed "could lead to them swerving or losing control of their vehicle."

Kentucky state police posted on facebook..."remove ice and snow before you go!"

Showing a smashed windshield.

Lexington police say officers have responded to at least a dozen calls this week for ice- broken windshields or snow flying off other cars and aaa's jed bowles says it even happened to a coworker.

Jed "we had one of our tow trucks driving down the road and a large chunk of ice flew off and hit our truck hard enough it actually triggered our cameras on the truck."

Here's just a small piece of ice about an inch thik and 12 inches long... and it weighs close to 2 pounds... imagine a 2 pound rock hitting your car an insurance expert says windows aren't cheap to replace insurance "a brand new windshield is a couple hundred dollars up to, the special ones, are in the thousands of dollars."

Insurance agent jeff morrett says if this happens to you... call police and your insurance company to make a report insurance "take some pictures.

Make sure we get everything layered out on how it happened with everything ."

So before you hit the roads don't just clear of your windows... nat sound remove all snow and ice from your car... from the roof... and trunk chelsea smith... abc 36 news ### ots image:left fatal shooting police-tape-lights-generic1... a teenager has died


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