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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Crews Working To Make Roads Driveable

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Crews Working To Make Roads Driveable
Crews Working To Make Roads Driveable
After a night of heavy snow, roads in Florence are still considered impassable.

Let's take a closer look at conditions on the ground right now.

We have team coverage from some of the hardest hit areas in the region.

Our reporters are live in the shoals - limestone county - and huntsville.

Our coverage begins in florence - where roads are still considered impassable.

Waay 31's breken terry spoke with the e-m-a director to get an update on roadways.

Breken what did you learn?

Right now the state has cleared at least one lane of traffic on main roadways like florence boulevard but you get to these secondary roadways and those are still packed with ice and snow.

Lauderdale county ema director george grabryan said his big concern now is everything refreezing tonight and turning into black ice because temperatrues will drop down into the teens and twenties.

He said people in the county and florence can expect this to last a few more days.

Our high for sunday is 56 degrees and hopefully by days.

Our high for sunday is 56 degrees and hopefully by then things even on the shaded roads and backroads will be in a dry situation but again we have to get there first grabryan urges people to stay off the roads but if you must be on them drive slow and have some extra gear in your car incase you get stuck.

State, county, and city road crews will work to salt and sand more areas tomorrow.

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