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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Snowmen Worth Melting For

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Snowmen Worth Melting For
Snowmen Worth Melting For

Marie Waxel gives us a look at some incredible creations from our WAAY-31 viewers.

300 claims. when it comes to the perfect snowman... many of you seem to have it down.

Waay 31's marie waxel gives us a look at look at some incredible creations from our waay 31 viewers.

Decatur firefighters were caught chillin' with their man last night at their home away from home.

Lori's creation in hartselle may be ice cold, but he wears the heck out of a hat.

Callie's snow woman in toney is reminding you to mask up!

This guy's reminding you to sanitize and separate.

Remember six feet apart!

It's clear the taylors in decatur are up to snow good during the pandemic!

Careful now, don't have a meltdown!

This morgan county deputy arrested this "jolly happy soul!"

Who claimed our waay 31 stormtracker weather team would vouch for him.

The ryan family in madison-- shouting roll tide from their yard.

And what do you call a snowman with a six-pack?

Abdominal snowman!

Anita showing us her family is having snow much fun these days!

It's clear north alabama's snow people just make us melt.

Mw, waay 31 news.

Keep your weather photos and videos coming... we have really enjoyed them.

You can send them to share at waay t-v dot com.

We might use them on air and online.

We've had a lot of fun checking out these amazing snow creations from our viewers.

And this snow panda comes from one out in lexington

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