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Monday, 8 March 2021

Pharmacy Stays Open Amid The Snow

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Pharmacy Stays Open Amid The Snow
Pharmacy Stays Open Amid The Snow

Will Robinson-Smith is live in Russellville after speaking with a pharmacist in Franklin County who decided to keep their doors open.


With roadways in the shoals continuing to present a challenge for drivers -- most businesses were closed today -- and have been for much of the week.

Our team coverage starts in the shoals tonight.

Waay 31's will robinson-smith is live in russellville after speaking with a pharmacist in franklin county who decided to keep their doors open -- despite the challenges.

We're in russellville -- but just up the road in littleville -- the family first pharmacy there says being able to stay open for their customers is crucial -- especially when much of the rest of the county is shut down.

Normally -- the drive to work isn't the hardest part of tammy mcgraw's day.

But after four to five inches of snow fell overnight -- that was no easy task for her and pharmacist judith reynolds.

Tammy mcgraw, pharmacy technician, family pharmacy of littleville it was very treacherous.

We both live about anywhere from 17 to 25 miles away.

Mcgraw says that meant the drive -- both today and especially after closing last night -- was a trek.

The wind and the sleet and everything was blowing.

Yes, it kind of unnerved me.

I just went slow and steady and i did make it.

As unusual as all of the ice and snow is for the town of littleville -- it created another unprecedented event.

It forced the pharmacy to close for an entire day -- twice -- earlier this week.

It's not a small thing.

We take our jobs seriously, so that's why we do our best.

Monday and tuesday was just impossible for us to get here.

Like i said, yesterday, we ended up staying for longer than we probably should've.

But we were calling patients to make sure that if they could get here, and they needed their medicine, that they could get it picked up.

Will robinson-smith normally, the pharmacy would have its drive thru open, so customers could pick up their medication and just be on their way.

But the clearance stops here and as you can see, the driveway that would normally lead to the service road, it's an un-drivable field of snow.

Mcgraw said at one point even a state trooper came by to pick up medicine for someone who wasn't able to leave their home safely.

She says it's that sense of community that keeps them coming back every day -- weather permitting.

Our customers are like our family.

We know just about everybody here.

This is a small community.

Mcgraw says they're aware that the roads will likely freeze over again tonight.

They're keeping an eye on that -- but they're planning to be back at work again tomorrow.

Reporting live in russellville -- will robinson-smith -- waay 31 news.

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