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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Students join effort to improve city park, community input needed

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Students join effort to improve city park, community input needed
Students join effort to improve city park, community input needed
Students join effort to improve city park, community input needed

Terre haute city leaders want you to stay here.

They also want to draw more people into the area, that's why they're working together on a community plan.

Part of that plan focuses on improving the assets we already enjoy... like fairbanks park along the wabash river.

News 10's heather good spoke with the mayor and some young engineers to learn more about the project.

Heather at fairbank par} fairbanks park has played host to many community events.

Now... there's an effort to improve the space thanks to a partnership between city leaders and area college students.

Nats it's quiet and covered in snow now... but... work is underway to draw more people and activity to fairbanks park.

Located along the wabash river..

City leaders recognize the park's value.

They want to improve what's already here and they've enlisted young engineers with rose-hulman institute of technology to generate design ideas.

Those city leaders and college students gathered virtually to discuss their vision.

Samantha stevens says, "i've been to fairbanks park a few times in throughout my four years at school and so just kind of being able to see an improvement in what the city has to offer there is super cool being able to add a feature that we can come back in a few years and possibly see."

Terre haute mayor duke bennett says possible improvements range from restoring this art feature and installing a splash pad... to planting gardens... sprucing up this memorial... and constructing a boat launch.

Covered: "a lot of people come to fairbanks park but they'll come for an event and they'll leave or maybe they'll come down and they'll look at the river, you know, have lunch by the river..."

Mayor duke bennett says, "we want it to be more of a destination so the whole goal here is to put more amenities and improve some of the ones we have so it becomes a destination in itself."

Mayor bennett say the team is still in the early planning stages but you could see work in the park as soon as next year.

Right now... the group needs your input.

Mayor bennett says, "tell us what you like about it, what you don't like about it, what would draw you down there and what are things that would excite you about us doing."

Heather at fairbanks par} you can fill out the online survey right now.

We've linked you to it at

In terre haute, heather good, news 10.


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