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Friday, 5 March 2021

landlord suffer due to eviction moratorium

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landlord suffer due to eviction moratorium
landlord suffer due to eviction moratorium
landlord suffer due to eviction moratorium

Evictions back in march, was supposed to prevent those suffering hardships because of the pandemic from becoming homeless.

But many landlords say they're suffering hardships, because tenants who aren't suffering due to the pandemic are using it as an excuse not to pay rent.

Newschannel 2's joleen ferris reports.

Anne sullivan has owned this south utica home for 36 years.

Being on disability, she was hoping this would help her in retirement.

Instead, it drained her savings .

None .

None 12:20 "as of right now i've used all my savings.

I am on disability so i don't have a large income but i had to take all the money that i did have and put it in this house" sullivan says she has tenants who are taking advantage of the governor's moratorium on evictions related to the pandemic.

But she says....they're not suffering a hardship because of the pandemic.

12:00 "my tenants don't have a hardship.

They just are refusing to pay me right now and they have sent me text messages saying they won't pay and they won't leave until covid tells them they can leave" 22:40 "we have tenants who just aren't paying" elected leaders aren't immune; oneida county legislator, tim julian, is experiencing the same problem with his efficiency apartments in north utica 22:49 'we see them getting their checks whether it's government checks, whether it's stimulus checks, what have you, and still not even coming over making an effort to pay, completely avoiding phone calls" 23:41 "just simply refuse to pay because they heard what they wanted to hear which is, you don't have to pay" and julian, like sullivan, is afraid he'll never see that money 24:02 "we're walking away here from tens of thousands of dollars cuz we're never gonna see it from these tenants.

This is all over and we do have the opportunity to evict, the tenants are gonna go and we're never gonna see anything from them again" both feel once the courts are hearing evictions again, they'll at least be able to get non-- paying tenants without pandemic- related hardships out of their properties 26:29 "even when the courts open, who knows how soon it's gonna be when we can the governor's moroum on sidential a commercial evictionback


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