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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Workers continue to clear roads in Amory

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Workers continue to clear roads in Amory
Workers continue to clear roads in Amory

Crews have been able to clear some roads, but the mayor urges motorists to avoid the roads if possible.

Our team coverage in monroe county..

Where city workers are doing their best to clear the snow and ice off of the roads..

Wtva's chelsea brown is in amory with what all the city is doing to help during the winter weather.

I am here in frisco park in amory and you can see there is still a lot of snow and ice in the park.

The roads are still slushie and are starting to become drivable.

I spoke with mayor brad blalock about how the city is helping to keep drivers safe.

While speaking with the mayor he told me he has been working with other city departments to find water leaks around town.

He says their workers are looking for business and residential water leaks to protect the city's water supply.

Blaylock said they have been able to clear some of the roads but he urges drivers to still wait before getting out if they can.


"we have been able to be out clearing some of our streets today, more than we have had the opportunity in the days prior."

I also spoke with glen smith with the public works department and he told me the city has been working as much as they can to keep the roads safe for travelers.

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