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Monday, 8 March 2021

Feeding the ducks in Amory snow

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Feeding the ducks in Amory snow
Feeding the ducks in Amory snow

Some people are taking advantage of their snow days to get outside and have a little fun and maybe share some comfort with the wildlife.

Us to monroe county some folks are taking advantage of the snow day to get outside and play.

Wtva's chelsea brown spoke with one family about what they were doing today.

I-m here at mcalpine lake in amory a few people were out earlier playing with the snow, ice today.

I spoke with one dad and his daughter who live about a block away from here.

Wesley and bonnie mattern live in amory.

They came to the lake today on their 4 wheeler to play in the snow and feed the ducks bread.

Wesley mattern said they have tried to stay warm but have went outside to play in the snow as much as they can.

Just out feeding the ducks and riding the 4wheeler and playing in the snow, this is rare to have this much and it not get melted."

I have only seen a few people out playing in the snow.

I have seen a few others on atvs also.

Live in amory chelsea brown wtva 9 news thousand

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