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Monday, 1 March 2021

Thursday Block 3

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Thursday Block 3
Thursday Block 3
Goat Yoga stuff

It's a fitness trend that exploded on the scene about five years ago, with some traditionists shaking their heads while fans praised the affect, but if you're still sheepish about goat yoga, the owners of the goatry river.

And thank you so much for joining us and who is this with you?

This is easter, our baby, and helps us with baby goat yoga.

Yoga is not necessarily the focal point of your farm, and maybe you can tell us more about the goatry.

We're a farm that's dedicated to artisan cheeses around the area, and we often specialize in milk, but due to covid, we started exploring avid tourism with yoga being one of the things that we offer here at the farm.

Is it done outdoors usually?

Yes, it's done outdoors, part of the experience of goat yoga, and it's part of the wellness program out in nature.

So why is goat yoga a thing, and maybe you can dispel the rumors.

We decided by the farm, and we call it the power of the goat.

It's really special, and people loving around a unique animal every day.

The endorphins out here.

It's just having the animals.

You add it to the beautiful setting, and it's just a really good day.

Get off the technology, and decompress, and come out here and laugh.

And laughter is what people need.

Absolutely, i couldn't agree more.

And when are your yoga classes offered?

We offer yoga 10:30 and 12:00 every saturday.

And we have it just about every weekend.

And we ask people to keep watching for more classes as well.

And you also have parties, that's right?

Yes, we do birthday parties, and we have another party on the 20th with live music as well.

Great, so live music, and yoga, and goat milk and cheese, goat milk for anybody who is not familiar, it's extremely healthy for you, so pour yourself a glass of goat milk.

Sounds delicious to me.

So goat yog, i want to thank you for joining us.

Thank you, we appreciate it.

Back in 2 minutes.


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