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Monday, 8 March 2021

Wednesday Block 3

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Wednesday Block 3
Wednesday Block 3
Wednesday Block 3

Leyla: we can all relate to the effects of the pandemic in one way or another.

But imagining in a years long fight for your life following a brain cancer diagnoses and living to tell about it.

Joining us is a true warrior, brenton fennel, who is using his experience to help others, and can i grasp you on being four years cancer free.

Thank you.

Leyla: so you're bringing awareness to brain cancer, and can you tell us about your diagnoses?


Glowio blastoma is one of the most aggressive brain cancers and it's normally terminal within 16 months.

It's a tough journey and you know, and the race we're having is for research at the hauls cancer center, and since i'm doing relatively well, i'm trying to be an and i want to have hope and know that you can still live a quality life for some period of time even after this really tough diagnoses.

When i say you're in a year's long fight, after the diagnoses in 2027, is this not a type of cancer that you can claim that you're in remission?

Is there always that potential threat that it could come back?


It's so area, that if it doesn't come back at some point, the good news, i've been four years with out any visible tumor and hopefully that will continue.

And you have regular mris and you're on medication for seizures.

They cut out an avocado sized tumor out of my head and they also cut out a lot of the nerves with electrical impulses and sometimes i'll have a misfire.

Oh, interesting.

I'll have a seizure and the seizures are more of an issue from my surgery than my actual cancer internship, and when cut the tumor out, optic nerves, so loss much vision as well.

Can you tell us what led up to the diagnoses?

How were you feeling prior to that?

What are the signs that you are experiencing?

I was having major headaches, and i was starting to not be able to recognize people very well and and i fell at a friend's funeral, and i had a hard time getting up.

And i got a ct scan and mri and i found out that i had a major brain tumor.

And all of the things, and all of a sudden, my surgeon said that if we don't operate, you'll be dead by july, but if we operate and it goes well, you might live another 5-10 years.

Leyla: well, speaking of marathons, you are taking your passion and helping to raise awareness and funds for research for others who have gone through this battle.

And this is a good place it take a break.

When we come back, i want you to give us the details on the upcoming 5k that we can welcome back, and we have been chatting with branton fennel, a four-year brain cancer survivor, and he's here with the details of the 5k that we can all join in on to raise funds for research.

But branton, how has covid impacted your life?

And how things have been for you, and how life has changed since your surgery?

Well, my surgery, in a lot of ways i feel better.

I have not had headaches, but one thing with covid, before, since i don't drive, it's harder to get an uber or lyft now, and going into restaurants, i just don't do that now.

And i still talk with friends and do things, but it's certainly -- like i can't go see my mother now and things like that that i miss, but it's probably not much different for me than it is for anyone else.

But you're also a little bit more at risk because of covid and having under gone treatment for cancer.

Is that right?

I would think so.

I mean -- the doctor tells me to be reasonable about everything, otherwise, i'm in good health.

I was on chemotherapy, and my immune system is somewhat compromised.

And i need to be careful.

What's amazing, someone who has gone through this scary battle, i think for anyone who has undergone treatment for cancer, it's a scary ordeal.

And you have an ongoing list of 150 plus people that you pray for every day, and we were going to be praying for you too, branton, and we want to give you the details of the 5k, it's the head for the cure 5k.

February 27th at 9 a.m., and $40 for registration, and completely worth it.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, bran ton.

Thank you.


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