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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Westside Community Evolves -- a community discovers that evolution is part of rebirth and growth.

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Westside Community Evolves -- a community discovers that evolution is part of rebirth and growth.
Westside Community Evolves -- a community discovers that evolution is part of rebirth and growth.

Westside Community Evolves -- a community discovers that evolution is part of rebirth and growth

Which jack shows her busy like to talk about building building with three deep technology.

We also get to talk with one of my favorite people walk in the planets.

It is that seamless ceci a little calmer now than you normally see her in this phase, especially right.

Here's she is the one who is been responsible for years and years and years to the grateful dollar to benefit the mcclellan betsy morris good morning chip.

I miss not seeing you in person this year about the grateful gobbler of thanksgiving is what you kno that we missed you too.

I hate her.

Also, you do have a side what's the term mouse side hustle actually was your full- time job you are telling your exact title, the executive director to check yes not a lot of plates to keep spitting in the year.

All it wants and you guys are working on a project as a team she's always got something going on's cola side was the highlight of ... okay list you may know, we own cultural courts, which is 80 years old, a cousin development houses 497, and of course 80 years of age.

We can't afford t keep it going so we laying down concerned about the future viability of college hill or cheney to reimagine the whole westside neighborhood which is enjoyed the same level of growt, access to amenities and other pathogens on the city of china.

Check design studio.

The boiling person foundations ofcha brain and consulting for a nine month study of the neighborhood that will examine rate hike to the history and then held by the community, not plants.

So essentially you have the opportunity to not just use but can create your own like campus and take something good and mak it into something absolutely ... great absolutely ... .

What's been one of your bigge challenges on this betsy.

Well nicole, it has been a challenge is typically in this type of planning process and visioning process.

People in large meetings online information to large groups.

He readily and pretty, and all kinds of plans for street fairs and colin brought all of that will haul right behind colby and i take this to the entire team is going really hard our desires.

This planning process, we wante to know what the residence within the neck gathering and monitoring.

We literally deployed and when door to door and met individually with residents to serve the light can be changed like to see more personal interaction is on you got some strange looks when you were going door-to-door asking these questions, and understandably so, because you're going to do somebody's neighborhood their home.

Their community are proposing a whole lot of changes was most positiv thing you heard from the folks talk ... community love living in the westside, but they certainly enjoyed about the process so fa, far from over.

Is the inclusion i.

He has engaged poet neighborhood telling you is a long-term identity to henry building is great roberts is the resident poet if you will and stuff to show use in families.

What about the one doing the community.

I novels are really productive betsy.

The mentor take anything small in nature.

Worse, all in saturated.

She is living up to well- deserved reputation really one of the crowning jewels of our community and our city.

But you have to leave it there, but julie coming back over the next few weeks.

I hope you time and orange pay is in storage wait for you.

Hey, there's a great show that you have the things that that's he is doing.

You will hear right here on news 12 out coming up thursday the 25th this week from today starting a 730 find out more wdef


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